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As winter fades, blooms of flora come alive with countless hues to celebrate the beauty of spring. Our Primavera collection embraces these brilliant colors and effects synonymous with Spring. This collection includes rings, earrings and bangles created using Butterflies, Birds, Flowers and a very unique spring animal The Deer. All these elements reflect the feminity and delicacy which the season brings.

Featuring and crafted in materials like raw semi-precious stones, wood, and brass accented with gleaming 18K gold plating, this collection embraces elevated form of craftsmanship with jewelry which can be paired with almost every kind of  outfit. In this collection, we premiere our butterfly and bird inspired designs with skilfully finished details using varied colors of semi-precious stones, which tell a beautiful story. A celebration of pastel emotions, this collection brings the spring season spirit to jewellery in a myriad of colours.