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The world around us is massive and beautiful but we tend to turn a blind eye for the life under the ocean. For us the sea is a symbol of wildness, freedom, and serene power. Our A/W 2019 Reef collection takes inspiration from the stunning yet endangered ecosystem of the reefs and cues from the artwork of the street artist 1010’s murals. Each piece of this collection has a distinctive accent of layering created by using warm or cool shades similar to the various colors of the Sea.

What stands out is the use of 1010 inspired gradation created using enamel to get the layered look and the intriguing use of wood & brass along with pearls, amazonite, labrodrite and neon appetite. We use these elements to carefully handcraft the pieces, from the design sketch stage to the final stone setting stage. The designs in this collection are a balance of drama and minimalism while attempting to provide a calming effect of the ocean in the pieces.