About Us

Krati Akar and Vaishali Kedia started Madiha Jaipur in 2016 choosing wood & brass as the main element, with a focus on retaining the purity of the material, while upcycling them and creating designs which showcase sophistication and style. Our collections revolve around 4 power words: Experimental, Handmade, Sustainable & Upcycled. We are constantly experimenting with new materials to get something different yet wearable for our further collections. We create the pieces in-house using a variety of unconventional and conventional techniques. Our design and production process is an amalgamation of artisanal expertise and mechanical interventions to give our pieces a consistent and clear finish, while maintaining their authenticity and depicting fine hand craftsmanship.

Design Philosophy

Artisans around the world have worked with wood since time immemorial, yet it has rarely been used delicately in the realm of fashion jewelry. It is only now that designers are rediscovering and presenting it in luxuriant and diverse possibilities. This new approach is giving an opportunity to appreciate its natural look and texture. Going further we would also be experimenting with various other materials and presenting it in matchless and elegant manner. Our fascination of exploring new techniques and creating distinct pieces using a variety of unconventional materials pushes us to showcase fashion jewelry in a whole new light.