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Our s/s 2020 collection “PARADISE” takes its inspiration from the beautiful and enchanting world of the birds of paradise. These birds are categorised as words most dramatic and attractive birds and are distinguished by their bright and striking colours. Their elaborate dances, poses and rituals accentuate their appearances and put on a phenomenal show not only for their female counterparts but for any human lucky enough to be in the same vicinity.

This collection draws its inspiration from the distinctive features of the birds as well as the surroundings around them. Each motif has a distinguished story to tell about the bird it has been inspired from. To replicate the vibrant colours of the birds we have used cubic zirconia of various shades to add drama to our designs. Our USP wood has been added to give the designs a beautiful edge, while linking the sanctity of trees to the birds. Our immense love for geometry in nature and the inspirations derived through it help us to tie all the different pieces together to create such fine designs. The beauty of the pieces lies in the amalgamation of coloured stones, wood and brass glazed with gold.